Mark offers a choice of traditional Christian funeral services and eclectic rituals including open air nature based ceremonies.

He also conducts Green ceremonies held at Humber Woodland of Remembrance, a beautiful Green Burial Ground in Herefordshire. (

Mark realises that many people who are spiritual cannot equate their faith with official religion.

When they are faced with, for example, the trauma of planning a funeral for a member of their family, they often think there are only two alternatives: a formal Minister of Religion or a Humanist.

Some opt for the latter but, during the planning of the funeral realise that they want some prayers or a hymn. Mark‘s services offers an alternative for them.

People who attend Mark’s funeral ceremonies are comforted by the service he provides. They are sometimes surprised by how beautiful a non traditional ceremony can be. A Vicar’s daughter at one [high profile] funeral exclaimed, ‘That was the most spiritual service I’ve ever attended.’